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3M Authorized Window Film Dealer Las Vegas
  1. Sun Control
    Sun Control
    With office buildings it’s important to reduce expenses and protect your bottom line. Reduce energy costs, maintain a more comfortable and productive environment, reduce interior fading and improve exterior appearance.
  2. Decorative Glass Film
    Decorative Glass Film
    You can design a space that’s private without making it feel closed off with 3M™ Fasara Glass Finishes. Frosted, dusted, textured — you name it, we have the finish to match your style.
  3. Safety & Security Film
    Window film can enhance the strength of glass allowing your family to remain safe incase of break-ins, accidents, or natural disasters. 3M™ window film can withstand a bomb blast, just imagine the safety and security you can feel yourself.
  1. Anti Graffiti
    Anti Graffiti
    Our anti-graffiti window films allow property owners and manager to eliminate the expensive cost of glass replacement.
  2. Privacy FIlm
    Privacy FIlm
    Our extensive line of decorative films allow interior designers and architects to offer an affordable way to bring in style and privacy.
  3. Tint & Film Removal
    Tint & Film Removal
    Whether changing the tint color, replacing damaged film or just upgrading, at some point you may need to have film removed from your glass. Our specialized film removal equipment can give you the best tint removal results